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Timetable July


This July we open from Monday to Friday in our usual hours! Saturdays Closed !! Happy Summer everyone!

Eschar and ulcers, how to avoid them!


Pressure ulcers occur in people with reduced mobility due to lack of blood supply to the skin. The parts of the body that are more exposed with close proximity to the bones such as the coccyx, elbows, heels and the shoulders tend to ulcerate more. HEAT is a factor that causes a greater risk of eschar. To avoid them there are different products, from anti-decubitus cushions, air mattresses with compressor, special fiber heels to creams and micronized powders for the skin that keep it dry and in optimal conditions. If you have any questions, visit us and we will be delighted! Do not let them appear because curing them costs a lot !!

Pediatric bathroom aids


Introducing Splashy, a portable restroom seat for children with disabilities. Splashy turns bath time into a fun game, while facilitating the work of adults. Thanks to its great versatility, it can be used both inside the bathroom and outside, to play at home or in pools and beaches. It is placed in the bottom of the bathtub, so that the child touches the water. It is very compact and safe, thanks to its 5 or 3 point harness. For more details please contact us.

Promotion bathroom aids.


This month of July we have a great offer in bathroom products, to facilitate daily cleaning making it safer and more comfortable for the user. Make your personal hygiene, a comfort. -Stools and shower chairs. - Handles and folding bars. - Transfer chairs and toilets (for shower). - WC elevators. - Inflatable head wash. - Cover plaster casts.

Kmina crutches


The best thing about the month of June is not just the arrival of summer? We already have available in Garcia Technical Orthopedics, "The KMINA crutches" This revolutionary crutch not only allows you to walk without exerting pressure on hands and wrists, but thanks to its revolutionary design allows you to better handle with the entire arm, thus distributing the weight of the body in this while walking. Avoid the appearance of carpal tunnel syndrome and help your recovery if you suffer. Other features that make these crutches so special are the adjustable height, both the crutch and the position of the anatomical grip, and the tip or cue? wide and flexible that helps make the support much safer.

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